Ulcinj is a small town in the coastal part of Montenegro, close to the Albanian border. River Bojana and the Adriatic Sea embrace each other in this town, creating a unique combination of natural beauty which attract many visitors. The town of Ulcinj is full of secrecy and beauty, that you’ll visit once, come back and never be able to forget. Ulcinj is the city that renders to you the most sun days, summer nights embellished by mistral, 18 km of superb beaches for those ones who want to be relaxed on the sun and refreshed in the reasonably warm water.

This ancient, Mediterranean small town of Ulcinj attracts the tourists for many reasons. Some wish to spend a pleasant vacation, some wish to explore cultural and historical monuments, and some want simply to relax and enjoy the intact nature while other are here for health purposes because of healing features of the sand, mud and mineral sulfide waters

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj is a mosaic made of different natural characteristics, which make this town magical and attractive and leave you breathless. Mountain, sea, lake, river, lowland – all of this you can find in our town. The traditional cuisine of our villagers will make you feel like you have stepped back into the past, feeling the spirit of many people who lived and left their mark here, which can still be seen and felt.

Its long and dramatic three millennia-long history can be noticed at first sight. Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic. It is not enough to just visit Ulcinj – this town should be felt and experienced, because once you come here, you will never have to think where to go for your holidays.

Ulcinj Old Town stands as a reminder of the tradition and culture of ancient times. It struggles with the waves and guards the secret of the restless winds that enrich the soul with new emotions and happiness. Ulcinj has survived many wars and many robbers that passed through, and after all those years it has preserved its old spirit and tradition

Ulcinj, Velika Plaza

Ulcinj, Velika Plaza

Ulcinj Accommodation

Ulcinj Montenegro hotels, apartments

Camil Hodzic Apartments, Ulcinj

Apartments are placed on the most beautiful hill above Ulcinj Small city’s beach and magic pine forest on the mount Pinjes. All rooms and apartments are luxuriously equipped, air conditioning, with TV connection, Internet supplies as well as phone sets for VolP services with the lowest prices for international calls are available to the guests. Ulcinj Camil Hodzic Apartment

Accommodation Milla Ulcinj

Accommodation Milla is located near historical center of Ulcinj, at a distance of 50 m from the sea and the sandy beach. Accommodation Milla Ulcinj is in Mala plaza Ulcinj. We offer accommodation in studio apartments or rooms that will leave a lasting impression on you and where you will be equally gladly welcomed. Room 1 has three beds, one double and one single bed. Room has also a balcony which looks toward city. Accommodation Milla Ulcinj

Hostel Ulcinj Montenegro

Hostel Ulcinj is located in private house near the Ulcinj main Bus Station (national and international buses) and 300 m from city center of Ulcinj, at a distance of 750 m from the sea and the sandy beach of Mala plaza Ulcinj, in city part named Kodre. In our Hostel we have rooms with 1,2, 3 and 4 beds. All rooms have bathrooms, fridge, and there is a large a balcony when You can meat other travelers. Hostel Ulcinj Montenegro

Ulcinj Apartments

Ulcinj apartments are placed on the most beautiful hill above the Ulcinj Small city’s beach and magic pine forest on the mount Pinjes. Ulcinj is one of the oldest cities not only in Montenegro but on the Adriatic coast. From the apartments to Ulcinj Small city’s beach and rocky beaches in the pine forest next to the hotels Galeb and Albatros you can arrive in a couple of minutes avoiding the city’s traffic jam. Ulcinj apartments

Ulcinj Riviera

The coast of Ulcinj stretches from the Cape Stari Ulcinj until the estuary of the river Bojana into the Adriatic Sea, and it is nearly 33 kilometers long. It is decorated by some twenty bays in its rocky part, the peninsulas Marjan and Mendra; the Valdanos beach whose hinterland is called The Olive Bay, two sandy beaches – Velika (Large) and Mala (Small) and, as a special attraction, the nature reservation Ada Bojana.

Velika and Mala plaža, Ada Bojana, Valdanos and the beaches along the pine forests are of outstanding beauty. The Ulcinj beaches are the sunniest of the whole Adriatic coast, and their special ornament is the lush subtropical vegetation. Because of the coastal configuration, the Ulcinj Riviera offers excellent conditions for organizing all kinds of sports on the water and on the coast.

Ulcinj Riviera Woman’s Beach

Along the pine forest, between the hotels Galeb and Albatros, are a succession of small natural and hotel beaches: Skalic, Birici, Ludvig’s beach, Zenska beach, etc. Further, there are pebbly and rocky beaches for those who want a mysterious and quiet spot in a perfectly natural environment: Maslinjak, Opaljice, Dzemina Beach, Ljana, Crnogorsko guvno. In front of these beaches there are convenient terrains for underwater fishing.

Ulcinj Ada Bojana Beach

Many people consider Ulcinj Ada Bojana to be a natural reservation of national park type. This is a river isle, at the very end of Great Beach, at the spot where the river Bojana separates from the beach. The isle is a triangle, with the Bojana River on two sides and the Adriatic Sea on the third one. This side is a sandy beach, 2 880 m long, with the capacity of 13000 people. The beach and the sea bottom are covered with fine sand.

There are parasols made of reeds and rods on the beach. Ada is the most beautiful at sunset-when the incredible dance of colors starts creating a unique picture of the sea, sand and sky. It is a haven for windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, beach riding, and for all the adventurers and lovers.

The beaches that are pounded by the Bojana river are famous for wooden houses, from which the local people fish in a traditional way. You can taste the fish in the restaurants which are also built in an attractive environment. There are a lot of subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation, and some of the plant species are unique in Europe.

Ulcinj Valdanos Beach

The Valdanos Beach of Ulcinj together with its background are a true olive treasure. The beach is covered with big pebbles as is the sea bottom. There are bungalows surrounded by olive trees, as well as a restaurant in its background. There is also a campsite but not a very big one. The beach is 400 m long, and on its endings there are cliffs, distributed like vines, a dream of every fisherman, diver and researcher of sea depths. The sea is a clear, dark green. The inlet winds are suitable for sailing.

Ulcinj Small City Beach

Ulcinj city beach is a small town beach with a sandy strand. The sand is fine, of high quality and the sea bottom is sandy too. Because of that the color of the water is dark green-blue. This beach is distinctive for its shallow bottom which goes far into the sea. That’s why it is very suitable for children.

Ulcinj Small Beach is 360 m long and its capacity is 2 500 people. At the very end of the beach, beneath Ulcinj Old Town, where the walls emerge as if directly from the sea, is a small Ulcinj port (360 m) with a well managed pier. In its background there are restaurants, beer bars, cafes, and towards the inside is the town Ulcinj the southernmost spot of the Montenegrin coastline. Ulcinj is built in sea-oriental style.

Ulcinj Long Beach

Ulcinj Long Beach is a natural phenomenon of beauty and abundance. It is 5km away from Ulcinj, 13km long, 60m wide, so the locals call it “Kopakabana of Ulcinj“. It spreads out from Djerane Cape to Ada Bojana. It is covered with the finest sand (the diameter of a grain is 0.1-5mm) and it is estimated that its capacity is 15 000 people. The quality of the sand is such that is has medicinal features. It is rich with minerals, good for those suffering from rheumatism and other illnesses. The Great Beach is distinctive for a long shallow belt of sea water.

100 m away from the sea there is a hotel complex with tennis, football, baseball, volleyball, and handball terrains. The background of Ulcinj Great Beach is rich with subtropical, Mediterranean and decorative plants. Beneath the Djeran Cape, at the very beginning of the Ulcinj Great Beach there is a marina, Porto Milena, deeply pulled into the dry land. There are numerous wooden keels called “kalimera” by the locals. Various sports equipment can be rented at the beach. You can sail, surf, water ski, play football or volleyball on the sand, or just relax.

Ulcinj Museums

Museum of Local History of Ulcinj

Through exhibits from the archaeological, ethnographic and artistic collection, in the Museum of Local History of Ulcinj you can learn about life in Ulcinj from the 5th century BC to the Turkish period. The Museum is located in a church from 1510, which had been transformed to a mosque by the Turks in1693.

Within the Ulcinj archaeological collection, there is an exhibition of antique Greek and Roman ceramics, glass, coins as well as items which show the time of the sovereignty of the Montenegrin dynasties of Vojislavljević and Balšić. In the part of the exhibition that displays items from the ethnographic collection, there are traditional costumes, jewellery and local handicraft which show the variety of folclore creativity in this area.
Opening hours: From 1st June to 15th September 9-13h and 16-21h
Admission: Adults 1 Euro, children 0,50 Euro
Phone: + 382 (0)30 421 419

Ulcinj Excursions

Delta of River Bojana
Ada Bojana (Bojana island) is considered to be a national reservation similar to a national park. It is a river island located at the very end of Ulcinj Big Beach where the Bojana river branches off. In the middle of XIX century, after stormy weather, in this place the ship “Merito” it run aground. Two small islands were situated in the same area. For years, the river sediments were deposited around the hull of the ship and these two islands formed a sandbank and later the island. By emerging on the surface, the island divided the river into two branches.

It has a triangular shape. Two shores are washed by the Bojana river and the third one by the Adriatic sea. This is a sandy beach. The island Ada Bojana is adorned by subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation with some plant and animal species unique in Europe.The dense and luxuriant vegetation gives Ada the special charm, and together with its unusual animal world it is a special micro-ecological area.

Ulcinj Tourism Office

Tourism Organisation Ulcinj
Bulevar Maršala Tita
Ulcinj, Montenegro
Tel: +382 (30) 412 206

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