Tara River Canyon

The 82 km long Tara Canyon is the second longest canyon in the world. UNESCO desiginates it as a  world heritage site. There are rocky and pebbly terraces, sandy beaches, high cliffs, and more than 80 large caves along the canyon.

Tara River Canyon

The Tara River Canyon belongs to the National Park Durmitor. It rises from the mountain range in the northern part of Montenegro and it flows 140km. It meets the Piva river and together they make the Drina river, one of the longest and water-richest rivers in the Balkans.

Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon

For centuries, with its strength the Tara river has been hollowing out a soft limestone surface giving it a sculptural form full of gorges, large rocks or chasms. Century-old earth erosion has created 82km long canyon, the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyo of the Colorado.

At some places, it is up to 1300m deep. Its banks are steep, covered with a forest rising from the canyon’s cold and depth.

River Tara gives the impression of being a calm river. The rare places that might be crossed are called fords. Near Bistrica, the Tara riverbed is so narrow that local people used to jump across it when necessary. This unusual place is called Djavolje lazi (Devil’s lanes).

Tara River Tours and Adventures

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Vegetation around Tara River

Around the river, the vegetation is very dense: black pine, eastern hornbeam, black ash, elm, linden, and in higher areas, above the rocks, one can see cork oaks, hornbeams, maples, beeches.

In the areas over than 1000m, fir and spruce forests can be found.

The black pine forests are of a special value. “Crna poda (Black poda)” is the most valuable black pine forest with unusually high trees. Some trees are almost 50m high and 400 years old.

Tara River Canyon

The Tara river

Tara River Rafting

Nowadays, the Tara Canyon gathers all those who like adventure and exciting contact with nature. Rafting the Tara River is an incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers.

You can go rafting by boat or wooden raft along 100km of the most beautiful and the most exciting part of the Tara. Rafting tours start from these departure points: Splaviste, Radovan Luka and Brstanovica.

The one day rafting route, from Brstnovica to Scepan polje is 18km long and it takes 2 to 3 hours. This part of the canyon is the most exciting because the river has the biggest drop in elevation in the shortest length.