Salzburg from A to Z (complete guide)

Salzburg is surely one of Europe’s most magnificent cities, beloved by tourist and locals alike for its baroque style architecture and location. As one might expect, Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer that offered the world a lot of great work, is a hotspot for beautiful historic landmarks and cultural events.

A picturesque city in nature, Salzurg is like a time machine that takes you back to the time when Emperors ruled the land and the royal courts where the main source of town gossip. The city’s Old Town is chock full of tight medieval streets with old building begging to be admired by history buffs.

It’s a city worth visiting once in a life time, that’s for sure. Here are a few attractions that you should definitely check out once you reach Salzburg.

  1. Mozart’s Birth Place

One of the more obvious landmarks that you should check it out is the house were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself was born. Located on the Getreidegasse street at number 9, the house contains various intriguing features, such as the rooms that were occupied by Mozart’s family more than 300 years ago. Mozart’s house was transformed into a museum, chock full of various mementos, such as his violin, portraits and other objects that were owned by his family members. On the second floor you can admire an exhibition, Mozart in a Theater, which features a few illuminated miniature stages set in honor of his many artistic achievements.


  1. Hohensalzburg Castle

A whimsical fortress taken straight out of an old school historical novel, the Hohenzalzburg castles dominates the landscape of Salzburg. Located 20 minutes away from the romantic Old Town, the castle was built in almost 1000 years ago, in 1077, but what is showcased in the modern age dates from the early 1500s. Apart from the Old Gothic style decoir and the courtyard, you can see a 500 year organ that is still functional to this day. The Castle itself also contains the Fortress Museam with torture devices and weapons from the Late Middle Ages and the Rainer Regiment Museum, with artifacts previously owned by Salzburgian royal houses.


If, from one reason or another, you have trouble reaching Salzburg its various cultural and historical landmarks and especially the Hohensalzburg Castle, consider opting a Salzburg airport taxi service.  You and your family’s safe arrival is of the utmost concern. Plus, you do not want to miss out on the city’s attractions due to mere transportation issues.

  1. Old Town Salzburg

Every beautiful town has an equally charming old town center, and Salzburg is by no means an exception to this rule. There is a lot to see in Salzburg’s old town and enumerating all of them would take hundreds of pages, so let us focus on the highlights. First of all, the Old Town area is home to many baroque style buildings, medieval style inns and countless art galleries, boutique, workshops, cafes, bars and restaurants, all with that specific Salzburgian flavor that tourists and locals alike love and cherish. In the same locations stands the old Court Farmacy, a 13th century building where nobles and various members of the aristocracy used to treat their conditions. Other than that, Judengaasse is also worth seeing, with its twisted and tight lanes and the Chiemseehof. The latter was built in 1305 and was the official residence of the Prince Bishops  of Chiemsee up until 1806.


Make sure to visit Salzburg whenever you get the chance. It has everything a traveler would want: old buildings in the baroque style, stylish boutique, old school cafes and many, many historic landmarks. Experience the true, authentic Austrian flavor by entering Salzburg.