Podgorica, sited on the Morače River, is Montenegro’s administrative, agricultural and political centre – and, since recently gaining its independence, also the country’s capital.

Formerly known as Titograd, Podgorica is a dynamically developing modern city – without the historic past and sights which the old capital, Cetinje, possesses.

Podgorica, Montenegro 

As a rule tourists only pass through the city, as by virtue of its location, it has always served as a cross-road for the east-west and north-south traffic. Podgorica links Montenegro’s popular tourist areas together, namely – the seaside, the Dumitor Range, the Tara Canyon and the popular Lake Skodrai – all of which are nearby.

The Sahat Kula (a clock-tower), one of the remaining historical structures in the old city, is also its symbol. Hercegovačka Street is the city’s bustling pedestrian mall.

Doclea Ruins, Montenegro

The ruins of Doclea, a onetime Roman city, lie only a few kilometres from the city.

Podgorica Airport

Montenegro's principal international airport is the Podgorica Airport. The airport is located about 12 km south from the city of Podgorica.

You can get into the city center by minibus, which stops in front of the terminal. Taxi to Podgorica center from the airport will cost about €15.