Plav is located in the north-eastern part of Montenegro, at the feet of the Prokletije Mountains, close to the border with Kosovo and Albania. Plav is the administrative center of Plav Municipality. Beside its beautiful mountainous location, Plav’s main tourist attractions are its Turkish origin cultural heritage monuments.

Kula Redžepagica is the oldest structure in Plav; it was constructed in 1671 by Hasan-beg Redžepagic. It represents one of the most important monuments of the housing and defense architecture.

Plav, Montenegro

The Old Mosque is situated in the center of Plav. Together with Kula Redzepagica, it represents the oldest structure in Plav. Old Mosque got its current look in the 18th century.

Monastery complex of St. Trinity is situated in Brezojevica, close to Plav. Within the monastery complex there is a church with the same name, which was built in the 12th century.

There are several lakes of glacier origin in the Plav area; the most known is Plav Lake, one of the most beautiful one in the region. Plav Lake is situated in the close vicinity of Plav, it is of a glacier origin, and represents one of the main tourist attractions of Plav.

Plav Lake, Montenegro 

It is an ideal place for fishing, swimming, rowing. Other well-known lakes in the region are Hridsko and Visitorsko Lakes.