Lovcen National Park

Situated in the southern part of Montenegro , in the close vicinity of Kotor Bay (Boka Kotorska), Lovcen Mountain National Park covers an area of 6.400 ha and it has a high-ranking natural and historic values. The highest peak of the National Park is the peak Štirovnik (1.749 m), which is also the highest peak of Lovcen Mountain.

Lovcen Mountain National Park has a beautiful setting; from Lovcen, there is beautiful view of the Kotor Bay, the view of the open sea, of the Skadar Lake , and of Cetinje, and even of the distant Prokletije Mountain.


One of the most beautiful parts of the Lovcen Mountain National Park is the resort Ivanova Korita, situated on the eastern slope of Jezerski Peak, in a valley covered with forests and meadows. This is a well-known vacation resort for children, which is open even during the winter. Above the resort, there is a ski slope, with the ski lift.

Jezerski Peak (1.675 m) is the second highest point of the National Park; there is a mausoleum of the famous Montenegrin poet and ruler Petar II Petrovic Njegoš on the mountain top. Its foundations were built into six-meter-deep mountain rock. You can reach the Mausoleum by the road from Cetinje ; at the end of the road there is an additional 461 steps leading to the monument.

Excursions around Lovcen National Park


Budva is Montenegro’s main tourist centre; the busiest – and in summer the most crowded – settlement along the coast. The secret of the city’s popularity rests mainly on its beautiful, mainly sandy coastline, which caters for the would-be bathers.



Surrounded by mountains ranging from 1000m to 1700m high, situated at the eastern tip of Kotor Bay, lies the picturesque city of Kotor. Its city-core is the best preserved, of the cities along the Montenegrin coast, rich in medieval monuments. Kotor


Cetinje was founded in the 15th century by Ivan Crnojevic the last ruler of strong mediaeval state of Zeta. Cetinje was the historical capital of Montenegro for five centuries. Cetinje