Bjelasica Mountains

Bjelasica Mountains


Bjelasica Mountains is located in the central-northern part of Montenegro, among the towns of Kolašin on the southwest, Berane on the east, and Mojkovac in the northwest.

Compared to other mountainous regions of Montenegro, Bjelasica Mountains has a very favorable geographic position as the Beograd – Podgorica highway and the Belgrade-Bar railway also run through this tourist destination.

The highest point of Bjelasica Mountains is Crna Glava (Black Head), which is 2.139 meters high. Bjelasica Mountains range covers an area of 630 km².

Biogradsko Lake in Bjelasica Mountains

The main tourist attractions of Bjelasica Mountains are the rivers Lim and Tara, the lakes: Pešića lake, Ursolovac, Šiško and Biogradsko lake; the wild forest Biogradska gora; and the mountain peaks: Ključ (1.973 m), Lumer (1.863 m), Zekova glava (2.

117 m), Crna glava (2.139 m), Crna glava (2.122 m).