The coastal town of Bar is located in the southeastern part of Montenegro. Bar is a major seaport of Montenegro and the administrative capital of Bar Municipality. Bar itself is a modern city; most of the buildings were constructed after the II WW.

However, the Old Town of Bar (Stari Bar) situated at the foot of Mount Rumija, about 5km from the coast, is worth seeing.

Stari Bar

Stari Bar

The oldest part of the town was built in the Medieval period. The town gate is from the 9th-11th centuries; some buildings from the 14th century. In the 15th century the Venetians took over the town, and a century later the Turks came and stayed in Bar until the 19th century.

Among the public buildings there were palaces, Turkish baths, mills and clock towers. The Church of St. Teodor was built in the 9th century. Church of St. Marko was constructed in the 13th century while Church of St. Veneranda is from the 14th century.

Bar has a good transport connection to other part of Montenegro. Bar is the final station of Belgrade-Bar international train.

Podgorica Airport is about 40 km from the town. There are international ferries to Italian town of Bari and  Ancona and to the Albanian town of Durrës.